Facial Cupping for Self Care

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Facial Cupping for Self Care

Facial cupping for rejuvenation, relaxation, and to treat common conditions of the head and face.

Are you ready for a natural solution to maintaining a bright youthful glow that doesn't involve chemicals, peels, or expensive treatments?

The cosmetic benefit of facial cupping includes increased of blood flow and elasticity in the face, thereby brightening the complexion, reducing discoloration and fine lines. Cupping also helps to improve the flow of lymph which will brighten the complexion and give you a healthy glow. There are many therapeutic effects of cupping as well such as reducing stress, TMJ, muscular tension, headaches, and sinus issues.

Most women are looking for a natural ways to improve their appearance, but they are not aware there is one. 

To receive the full effect of facial cupping, it should be performed at least three times a week for up to ten sessions.  Depending on the condition of the skin, a remarkable difference can be seen in just one or two sessions. 

Maintenance treatments are recommended on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for best results, but can also be performed as "spot treatments". That means you can simply use the cups on an area that you want to plump or for specific concerns. If you are performing spot treatments, you can do as little as two minutes a day.

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