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Masterclass - Scars

Cupping is an effective and simple way of treating scars to reduce the redness and raised area around them.  Using cupping on scars will help to break up the congested collagen fibers in the area to improve blood circulation, nerve response and lymphatic flow.  Scars can interfere with mobility as they sometimes cut through layers of muscle and fascia creating a break in the movement chain. Scars can also create a blockage in the Meridians, Blood Vessels, Lymph and Nerve which can result in an inconsistent flow of blood, fluids and nerve response that cause tingling, numbness or loss of sensation and reduce of function.  Collagen fiber build up also results in build up of cellular debris and 'garbage' as a dam in a river will collect that which does not easily pass. 

Scars are usually accompanied with strong emotional responses such as shame, a sense of loss, fear, stress and more.  We will address how to manage the emotional impact on scars as well to better prepare the practitioner and manage treatment reactions.

Learn about all of the different types of scars and the various ways techniques to apply cupping in each case.

By treating scars properly the body can return to a better state of balance, restore circulation and mobility.

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