GUA SHA for the face and head


On the head, face and neck gua sha helps to tone the facial muscles, improve blood circulation and give a warm and rosy glow. Gua sha helps to move the lymph in the face and it improves collagen production creating lift and elasticity in the skin. 

In Traditional Medicine some powerful acupoints and treatment methods are found on the face neck and head.

Included in this course:

  • Cosmetic gua sha treatment for the face, head and neck
  • 20 Acupoints on the head, face, and neck and bonus training on how to use them
  • 4 Directions head treatment for brain fog, facial paralysis, headaches, improved mental clarity and focus
  • Training on gua sha tools and how to use them

Complete course qualifies for 5 CE NCBTMB, NHPC, MTAMB, MTANS, and more

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Facial Cupping Master Class

ADD Facial Cupping Masterclass for $149

Facial Cupping is another incredibly effective tool for conditioning the face.  Cupping improves lymphatic flow and really works amazing on the sinuses improving congestions, heaviness in the head as well as plumping the skin to produce a healthy glow. Approved for 2.5 ce NCBTMB Regular $249


GUA SHA Online

ADD GUA SHA for the body $179

Gua Sha is an incredibly safe and effective treatment tool that is exceptionally versatile. Gua Sha is a fantastic tool to use for issues in the superficial fascia.  It instantly promotes circulation and reduces pain. 

This online course will teach you how to find "sha" which will be the most important areas to treat, and treatment of all body areas and in all positions.  It has been approved for 5 ce with NCBTMB Regular Price $349


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GUA SHA for the face and head

GUA SHA is well known for its impact on the superficial fascia to release restrictions and move congestion.  When using gua sha on the face, it tones the facial muscles, improves blood circulation and gives a warm and rosy glow. Gua sha helps to move the lymph and it improves collagen production, creating lift and elasticity in the skin.  

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