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Outrageous Results

I'm going to let you in on a little secret...


There is a reason why cupping has quickly become the #1 go to treatment for all kinds of health care professionals.


There are SO MANY WAYS that cupping can be used to improve health and well-being.

  • Level 1 gliding cupping can be used for facial rejuvenation, and treating the abdomen for digestion and reproductive concerns.
  • Level 1-2 gliding cupping is great for treating the lymphatic system and to improve sluggish circulation.
  • Level 3 gliding cupping can be used for myofascial release of adhesions and the reduction of the effects of scars.
  • Level 3-4 stationary cupping with movement is used to increase range of motion, joint stability, and decrease pain
  • Level 3 flash or release cupping can be used for weaker patients, to release the lymph, and the end stages of a cold
  • Level 4-5 stationary cupping can be used to treat big muscular athletic types, release pain and improve bloodflow

And there is more... so much more...

Here's the thing... there is no right way to do cupping, but there is a wrong way to do cupping.


There is so much dangerous misinformation, and simply a lack of education in cupping therapy.

In the past dozen years of teaching cupping therapy, I have seen some amazing and impressive results from cupping practitioners.

In that same timeframe I have observed the online presence of cupping therapy cause it to explode in popularity. 

Many practitioners are not even aware of the danger that they are potentially putting themselves and their clients in.  Aside from lacking teachnique and purpose in their sessions, some practitioners are using cups on patients who should NOT receive cupping.

You see, any technique that can produce these kinds of incredible results can also cause harm if performed on clients with certain health conditions.

That's why I have created my free online resources, and weekly affordable training for practitioners to educate themselves on safety and proper cleaning and disinfection.

In the Cupping Project you will find a waide range of cupping courses including

Cupping for Manual Therapists (level 1)

Dynamic Cupping Techniques (level 2)

Cupping for Scars Masterclass

Facial Cupping Masterclass

Fire Cupping

... and more

What cups do I use?

Each cup has its own unique characteristics. Just as important as choosing the correct technique, the appropriate depth of suction, and the correct size of cup, the type of cup that you choose to use will impact the outcome of your treatment.

Glass Bulb Cups

A great tool for performing facial cupping, working on the lymphatic system, and working in small areas like joint spaces. Great control of suction

Silicone Contour Cups

These cups (in my opinion) have revolutionized cupping therapy. Easy to apply, effective and versatile for many types of cupping treatments.

Negative Ion Cups

Wonderful cups to pop on, and pop off in a pinch.  Great for small areas, along the spine, and using pin and stretch techniques.