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Unlock the secrets of ancient healing for modern profits

I help holistic healers, bodywork professionals and acupuncturists unite ancient healing practices with modern business to unlock new revenue streams.

Meridian Care Center was created out of a desire to build a bridge between current research, modern approaches, and ancient wisdom with regards to the body, its systems, and its responses to stimulus.

We offer online training, webinars, livestream training and in person classes in a range of topics including cupping, gua sha, acupoints, meridian therapy, meditation, and heart centered business practices, and more.

At our core, we are a team of passionate individuals who believe in the power of holistic health. We strive to build a bridge between current research, modern approaches and ancient practices to help people achieve optimal wellbeing. Our journey towards this goal has been one filled with personal challenges and moments of profound self-discovery.

Meridian Care Center aims to incorporate therapeutic techniques that combine ancient wisdom with scientific evidence and proven results. I take pleasure in witnessing practitioners achieve optimal, efficient, and effortless outcomes during their client sessions.

It has been my experience that the most effective way to get the best results is to slow down and find an energetic communication system that makes sense for the practitioner.  Many practitioners use intuition in their sessions but they may not have a methodology to understand what it is that they are feeling. When a system is studied and developed it can supercharge ones intuitive sense and give it a clear framework on which to place the sensations in order to provide the practitioner with a much clearer assessment of the condition of the body.  When one understands the problem it is much easier to provide a treatment that will be effective beyond 'removing an energy blockage'.

The mind cannot see that which it doesn't know

Our online courses are approved for CE by NCBTMB, NHPC, MTANS, MTAM, MTAS, and more.  If you would like a continuing education course approval for your association, please contact us.

Why would you want to incorporate East Asian Medicine into your practice?

Here are the top reasons why people start to explore these powerful techniques

1. Efficiency

Our job can be exhausting. When we are moving and releasing our clients stuck energy all day, sometimes there is a way to do so with less effort.

2. Results

Ancient methods work!  Otherwise humans would have disappeared...

3. Building Awareness

Becoming more energy sensitive not only makes you more aware of your own power but it also helps you sense your clients condition more effectively. 

4. Improving Assessment Techniques

Once you have an idea of what is happening in your clients body, you are more equipped to treat it effectively

5. Quality of Life

Yours and your clients. Once you start working more efficiently and effectively you will find that you have more clear energy to live your best life.

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