The art of mindfulness and self care

CAD 39.00 (+ 13% GST)

Meditation 101 is a course for those who claim tht they can't meditate.  In this online training you will be taken gradually and gently through several forms of basic meditation that include body scans, moving meditation and affirmations.  Starting a meditation practice with something to think about (breath, movement, body parts) is a great way to slow down the busy mind and focus on your physiological responses.

The fundamentals of cupping therapy

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This is our flagship Cupping for Manual Therapists course for practitioners.  This course will give you everything that you need to know to start your cupping therapy practice. We teach the history and current practice of cupping and best safe practices for cupping. You will learn when and why to use each of the cupping techniques, and who to use them on.  We cover indications and contraindications, all kinds of cups, 3 depths and 8 cupping techniques.  

Facial cupping training for professionals

$249.00 (+ 13% GST)

Facial Cupping promotes a deep state of relaxation and well being in your clients.  It help with fine lines and wrinkles, skin discoloration, scars, dark circles under the eyes, sinus problems, headaches, TMJ, Bell's Palsy and more. We will teach you how to cup the face without leaving cupping marks, and who the most appropriate clients are for this treatment. This course has over 2 hours of video, notes and quizzes. We also provide you with a customizable brochure to help you promote the treatments and a client consent to treatment form. 

ALL ACCESS to cupping videos, online materials, masterclasses and webinars

$799.00 (+ 13% GST)

This is our ALL INCLUSIVE cupping program that will give you lifetime access to the entire cupping curriculum. Courses included in your purchase include Cupping for Manual Therapists, Dynamic Cupping Techniques, Facial Cupping Masterclass, and Cupping for Scars. As well, you receive a package of cupping products shipped free anywhere worldwide to get your cupping practice going!!  Total value over $1000

Dynamic Cupping Techniques Online

$249.00 (+ 13% GST)

Dynamic Cupping Techniques is the second level to our cupping therapy training program. This course is available to those who have already studied cupping therapy. In this online course, you will learn techniques in prone, supine, and side lying positions.  Movement of both the cups and the patients body are engaged to improve range of motion and reduce pain. Treatments for conditions such as shoulder injuries, lower back sciatica, abdominal and digestive issues, lung and breathing problems and more. 

home therapy for your well-being

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Facial cupping for rejuvenation and relaxation. Facial cupping helps to increase of blood circulation, lymphatic flow and elasticity in the face thereby brightening the complexion, and reducing discoloration and fine lines and will give you a healthy glow. 

Facial cupping is a simple technique but understanding the effect that cupping can have so that you know if you are a good candidate for facial cupping, and to ensure that you are performing the treatment correctly.

set of 4

CAD 33.00 (+ 13% GST)

Reduce the appearance and feel of scars

$147.00 (+ 13% GST)

So many people suffer from the impact that scars can have on their appearance as well as the impact that some scars can have on the movement of tissues.  By using gentle scar cupping techniques, the scars can be reduced in size, discolouration can be reduced and very often restrictions in movement can be reduced or completely resolved. This course also has a special training section on the emotional impact of scars and how to address this important aspect of the healing process.

$29.00 (+ 13% GST)

Diastasis Recti is a condition where the connective tissue at the midline of the body becomes stretched or seperated.  Cupping can assist in the process of drawing the fibers closer together so that the bodys healing process can build new collagen and create stability.

$297.00 (+ 13% GST)

FIRE Cupping has been the primary method of delivering cupping therapy for thousands of years. Using fire to create a vacuum inside of a cup has an unique suction as the process creates a warm moist heat which is very beneficial to the body. Clients love the unique feeling of fire cupping and the process can be quite therapeutic.

$349.00 (+ 13% GST)

Gua Sha is a technique originated in China that uses a firm tool, often made from animal horns, stone, metal or plastic that applies undirectional stimulation to an area of the body to create temporary petichiae, also known as 'sha' that represents extravasation of blood in the subcutis. These techniques are used to release the superficial fascia thereby reducing pain and increasing range of motion. There have been many offshoots of gua sha over the past couple of decades, such as IASTM and Graston technique, the similarities and differences in these methods will be discussed in the course. Approved for 5 CE NCBTMB

$19.00 (+ 13% GST)

The Brighten your Light facial Gua Sha self care challenge is here! 

Join us as we gather together to lighten our heads... brighten the face.

During this five day challenge we will practice our facial gua sha techniques together, cheer each other on and at the same time learn how to master the gua sha tools on our faces.