Unleashing healing energy: my journey with Qi Gong

Lisa moving qi

Life often leads us down unexpected paths, and for me, that journey has been marked by extreme injuries and profound healing. Through my 25+ years of immersion in East Asian Medicine (EAM), I've come to embrace the idea that our bodies are vessels for deeper transformation. This realization has guided me to explore the practice of Medical Qi Gong, an ancient art that not only aids in resolving pain but also delves into its origins, allowing for a holistic healing experience.

Embracing Pain and Healing

While my path has been punctuated by near-death experiences and traumatic injuries, it has also been illuminated by awareness and acceptance. This journey has taught me that the body is more than just a physical entity – it's a vessel for profound growth and transformation. Developing a relationship with pain has become an integral part of this process, propelling me towards healing and renewal.

The Wisdom of Ancient Civilizations Lisa moving qi

Ancient civilizations, like those of East Asian Medicine, share the belief that our bodies are vessels for a deeper purpose. As I immersed myself in this wisdom, I discovered that pain, while challenging, can be a powerful catalyst for growth and understanding. By embarking on this healing path, I learned ancient techniques that not only alleviate pain but also help me unravel its root causes.

A Glimpse into the World of Medical Qi Gong

My journey into Medical Qi Gong began as a dalliance, a curiosity intertwined with my exploration of EAM. In 2002, a chance encounter with an ancient Medical Qi Gong healer sparked my interest. This healer's concept of "cultivating energy" resonated with me, leading me to delve deeper into the practice. Over the years, I've studied under various teachers, developing my own practice along the way.

Cultivating Energy: The Heart of Medical Qi Gong

At the core of Medical Qi Gong lies the concept of cultivating energy. This practice involves purposeful movements that harmonize, balance, and direct energy within the body, facilitating potent healing. As a health practitioner, integrating daily Qi Gong routines into my life has not only nurtured my own energy but has also translated into more effective and focused treatment sessions with clients.

Balancing Self-Care and Compassion

Practitioners often find it challenging to prioritize their well-being while tending to others. However, practicing Medical Qi Gong offers a remedy. By investing time in self-care, we can prevent compassion fatigue and burnout, leading to clearer, more impactful healing sessions. This practice bolsters our ability to generate and share healing energy without experiencing depletion.

A Summer of Transformation

Recently, I attended a workshop by Fabrice Piche, the visionary behind QiGong18. This workshop, tailored for acupuncturists, provided a blueprint for cultivating and sustaining our vital energy. It reinforced the power of Medical Qi Gong in enhancing our connection with clients without compromising our own well-being.

Rediscovering Energy Amidst Injury

Experiencing the aftermath of an injury firsthand has reaffirmed the potency of Qi Gong. Despite my physical limitations, I've found solace in visualization, breathing, and mental movement. The energy I feel returning to the injured area is a testament to the rejuvenating effects of this practice.

Unlocking Vital Energy with Medical Qi Gong

In conclusion, Medical Qi Gong offers a gentle yet impactful way to connect with our vital energy, facilitating its movement throughout our bodies. For practitioners, this practice serves as both a form of self-care and a valuable tool to enhance client care. By embracing Medical Qi Gong, we invite improved sleep, sustained energy, reduced pain, and a more positive mindset into our lives. As I continue my journey, I encourage you to explore this profound practice and experience the transformative power it holds.

A Gift for You

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