Yin and Yang Cupping

Traditional fire and glass cupping relied on fire to create suction within a cup.  The process was rapid, and meant to produce an immediate impact on the deep tissues of the body. This could be qualified as a Yang style of cupping.

Yin Cupping is a gentler approach that can be obtained only with lighter suction, which is easy to achieve with silicone cups.  

When silicone cups are applied at the appropriate level the practitioner can start to learn to feel the restrictions that are under the surface of the tissues.  The cups not only relieve this congestion on multiple levels, but they become an acute diagnostic tools for the practitioner as well.

Using silicone cups, you will learn

  • cupping the abdomen for reproductive and digestive problems
  • cupping the diaphragm for breathing and thoracic tension
  • cupping the entire meridian, mobilizing joint spaces with cupping
  • cupping on the lymph, including the face and anterior side of the neck (very very light)
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