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Gua Sha is a technique originated in China that uses a firm tool, often made from animal horns, stone, metal or plastic that applies undirectional stimulation to an area of the body to create temporary petichiae, also known as 'sha' that represents extravasation of blood in the subcutis. These techniques are used to release the superficial fascia thereby reducing pain and increasing range of motion. There have been many offshoots of gua sha over the past couple of decades, such as IASTM and Graston technique, the similarities and differences in these methods will be discussed in the course. Approved for 5 CE NCBTMB

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The Brighten your Light facial Gua Sha self care challenge is here! 

Join us as we gather together to lighten our heads... brighten the face.

During this five day challenge we will practice our facial gua sha techniques together, cheer each other on and at the same time learn how to master the gua sha tools on our faces.

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GUA SHA is well known for its impact on the superficial fascia to release restrictions and move congestion.  When using gua sha on the face, it tones the facial muscles, improves blood circulation and gives a warm and rosy glow. Gua sha helps to move the lymph and it improves collagen production, creating lift and elasticity in the skin.  Gua Sha is also a great treatment to uses on the head and scalp for headaches, mental confusion, brain fog and hair re-growth.  In this course you will learn a cosmetic gua sha routine, have access to our facial gua sha five day challenge as well as the bonus training "20 important acupoints of the head, face, and neck".

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Facial Cupping is an amazing way to resolve many issues in the head, face and neck. Once you learn the proper techniques, it is also an easy at home treatment that has a minimal investment for long term benefits.  Whether it is fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, headaches, dark circles, or loose skin facial cupping can help!  This e-book will give you all the tools that you need to understand the physiology of the head and face, the indications and contraindications of facial cupping, and the conditions that can be treated with facial cupping.

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Acupressure is an ancient method of treating specific areas of the body with direct pressure on a specific area to treat a certain condition. Like a river when it changes direction, these key areas tend to become congested with extracellular debris and particulate.  In East Asian Medicine, there are more than 50 acupoints on the head, face and neck.  These points are important for relieving symptoms of the head, face and neck and in some cases other parts of the body as well.  having a knowledge of the acupoints and their effect can increase the effect of our treatments.

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Muscle testing is a quick and easy way to assess a persons physiological reaction to a stimulus.  There are many kinds of muscle testing, and they always work best when a persons electromagnetic polarity is correct.  Learn 5 muscle testing techniques as well as how to check and correct your polarity in this training.