GUA SHA and International Womens Day

heart shaped gua sha forehead

How to celebrate International Womens Day... How about International Womens Week? Women's Month?

Or shall we celebrate ourselves every day and declare that every day is International Womens Day???

This year to celebrate International Women's Day, I am offering my 5 day Brighten Your Light facial gua sha challenge for free!

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GUA SHA can help you look great and feel better.

Have you ever even heard of GUA SHA?  Its an age-old therapeutic technique that was first documented in China. Since the Culturals Revolution, GUA SHA was downgraded from a medical practice to a home remedy and was practiced by individuals in the villages.

This is because GUA SHA is an incredibly safe, yet effective treatment.  Like with any treatment, the more that you know and understand about the treatment, the more effective your treatments will be.

GUA SHA was traditionally a treatment to eliminate "sha" which is the term that was used in Chinese Medicine for fluid and inflammation trapped in the tissues

More recently GUA SHA has hit mainstream media, as many beauty companies are capitalizing on the ease and simplicity of these techniques.  This has been a great opportunity for companies to add expensive branding to the stones and charge a small fortune for them.  

Many people ask me what makes a good GUA SHA tool? This short video will explain everything. (hint brand name makes no difference!!)

Facial GUA SHA has a slightly different approach than body GUA SHA, therefore both the tools and the techniques are different.

When we perform facial GUA SHA, it is to help flush the lymph in the face which will assist in removing debris trapped under the skin from environmental influences, traces of make up, pollution and other residue.  Flushing the lymph also assists with sinus function creaating more mental clarity.  Performing gentle gua sha on the face can reduce headaches and brain fog, and improve the elasticity of the skin as well as give you a rosy glow.  It really is amazing!!

What I really love to use GUA SHA for is alleviating headaches and brain fog by applying gua sha on my scalp.  It is an amazing clearing sensation that creates the feeling of lightness of being.

But dont believe me, try it for yourself!
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