International Womens Day

Why Thermography?

Thermography is a non-invasive tool that is used to take images of the body using infra-red heat signals to identify patterns of heat and cold in the body. This can determine areas of inflammation, increased blood flow and identify concerns with circulation. Breast thermography is often used as an adjunct to mammography and ultrasound, as it is possible to scan through implants as well as dense breast tissue in order to get a true picture of health. Whole body imaging can demonstrate systemic …

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GUA SHA and International Womens Day

heart shaped gua sha forehead

How to celebrate International Womens Day... How about International Womens Week? Women's Month?

Or shall we celebrate ourselves every day and declare that every day is International Womens Day???

This year to celebrate International Women's Day, I am offering my 5 day Brighten Your Light facial gua sha challenge for free!

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GUA SHA can help you look great and feel better.

Have you ever even heard of GUA SHA?  Its an age-old therapeutic technique that was fir…

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