Important things to remember during the Eclipse


The Apocalypse is coming!! I mean, the eclipse is coming!! 


There have been so many doomsday images that include a full solar eclipse.  It is a rare and special event!!  I remember as a kid, I was afraid.  We were all rounded up into the gymnasium, and there were a few pairs of viewing glasses circulating.  There was a window that was covered in black plastic, and when you had the glasses on, you could look out.

I remember sneaking a peek...

Some people are saying that its no big deal, some are taking the day out of work or school.  Some people are rushing to the best viewing point for this upcoming eclipse.

What are you up to?

Despite all of the stories, beliefs, disbeliefs, conspiracy theories... noise that is in the world, I return to the core ideas of East Asian Medicine once again.  It is the system that seems to always make sense, and as my intuition grows stronger, the answers continue to appear when I see the world through this lens.

In East Asian Medicine, a solar eclipse would be considered an extreme Yin crossing over an extreme Yang.  If you had the eclipse crossing over at 12 noon where you live that would be the most intense of this crossing.

Yang is the energy of the sun, it is the most powerful force that we know here on earth. In the morning, the strength of Yang (the sun) gathers, and is at its strongest from 12-2pm.  In the afternoon, the suns power wanes until it crosses the horizon into darkness, at which time the Yin energy of the moon becomes the dominant energy until once again in the morning the sun returns. 

When Yin crosses over Yang, it could create a super charged Yin energy, from the Yang Fire. According to East Asian Medicine and many other ideolgies, this could be your most powerful time to manifest, heal, bloom, forgive or any other strong collection of emotions that you choose to magnify.

I can be a bit of a sceptic about many things, however its hard to argue with an energy which could be so powerful and positive. If you are ready for some powerful healing energy, why not write it down on a pice of paper, and reflect on it during the eclipse...

And if you are curious about viewing the eclipse, you can use this link to make your own eclipse viewer:



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